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star insights


Star Insights is a strategic advisory firm based in Los Angeles. Our core purpose is simple: to help mission-driven organizations be more successful and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world. We aspire to be the thought partner of choice for leaders of non-profits, universities and social impact organizations.

Our clients are what we like to call driven change leaders—extremely successful, passionate people who take on difficult and complex challenges to make a difference. Our clients inspire us.

We specialize in four practice areas: strategic planning, executive advising, brand marketing strategy, and civic & technology innovation, all rooted in a well-informed understanding of an organization’s current and future relevance. 


We are exceptional listeners and we customize our successful methodologies to meet our clients’ needs. We believe in the collective wisdom and benefits of an inclusive, multi-stakeholder approach. We are experts at learning valuable information by testing concepts in low-risk environments.

We are unique in that we are also doers. Executives increasingly need more agile, tailored, and practical support. We do more than advise—we help plan and execute projects in a way that complements and elevates their resources.

But don't take our word for it. Our clients are happy to talk about our work, just let us know and we'll put you in touch.

Our culture is anchored in a set of values capable of making a real difference: we are curious, bold, honest, generous and light-hearted.


Onward and upward: