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Our crew is a diverse team of experts with over 125 years of collective professional experience working in and/or advising some of the finest organizations in the public, non-profit and private sectors—domestically and internationally.

We’re passionate about the work. We genuinely care about the impact our clients have on the people and communities they serve.

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Robin Engel, President

Robin personifies what the company stands for: curious, bold, lighthearted and generous. He excels at C-suite advising and designing effective strategies that draw on a successful career in multiple sectors.

Robin laughs the hardest and loudest in the company of his talented wife and curious dog.

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Alex Castillo, Executive Advisor

Alex brings strategy, brand marketing and general management expertise to the team. With a well-rounded background in consumer packaged goods, entertainment and government, he employs relevant best practices skillfully.

Alex is passionate about youth and teen development work, enjoys attending culture with his partner and loves backpacking and hiking around the world.

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Karlo Marcelo, Executive Advisor

Karlo is an accomplished economist with significant experience in think tanks, economic consulting and philanthropy.  He is fiercely goal oriented and leverages his strong analytical skills to execute confidently.

Karlo loves chess, discovering the best chilaquiles, and is European soccer fanatic with special love for FC Barcelona.

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Niles Friedman, Executive Advisor

Niles is a global cross-sector advisor specializing in new business and product creation, technology, and civic innovation. He is adept at setting strategic vision and iteratively achieving outcomes.

When he’s not exploring new cities and countries, Niles enjoys photography, live sporting events, and being a first time proud uncle.

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Michael Lim, Executive Advisor

Michael is an urban infrastructure, technology, and financing innovation expert and has worked closely with government, universities, industry, and startup executives in a variety of roles.

A dedicated surfer, Michael aspires to live off the bounty of the sea in a catamaran one day.


Serena Oberstein, Executive Advisor

Serena has an extensive background in philanthropy and public service. She creates infrastructure to cultivate positive social change. She inspires and leads clients to think better and be better.

Serena enjoys endurance sports and runs marathons and triathlons. She loves cooking with her husband young children.

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Minoli Ratnatunga, Executive Advisor

Minoli is an economist dedicated to helping communities prosper. At think tanks, civic and public institutions she has developed tools to inform and improve decision-making. Her research has focused on analyzing and shaping practical policy solutions.

Minoli loves a good debate, sidewalk cafes, and exploring the world with her family.


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